Private Functions

VGL provide a unique entertaining experience not available anywhere else. We offer special packages for a fun filled night you will never forget!

Corporate Packages

Book a VGL corporate package to have an entertaining night with colleagues where you will compete against each other in racing events in unique cars and tracks from around the world, become a rock star for an evening playing in a band with drums, guitar and a microphone and tackle some extreme sports such as rock climbing and wake racing as well as Ten Pin bowling! We have interactive units set up for racing simulators as well as Virtual Reality gaming for some next level entertainment!

Private Parties

VGL can cater for private parties of all ages! We set up a unique gaming experience and run events like the VGL Olympics which consist of unique gaming titles and activities where players must compete to be the best!
Imagine a pentathlon for video games with scores given out for the best performances and an overall winner is declared with prizes and a trophy awarded to the best video game pentathlete!

There will also be free consoles to choose from a multitude of games ranging from Mario Kart, Halo 5, Call of Duty and more!

Bucks Nights

Enjoy your last night of freedom with your mates playing video games! We can organise an adults only night full of thrills and spills to go out with a bang before you make the biggest commitment of your life!

We will organise a special gaming experience based on your needs and you have full control of how the night goes!
Whether you’re after racing simulators using our Force Feedback G29 steering wheels, Virtual Reality gaming units or just competitive multiplayer gaming, we have it all!

Have a VGL Bucks Night that will never be forgotten!